edsbits - Ed Hazen and Sue Holbink
Website design and development
Database Programming
Principals, Ed Hazen & Sue Holbink

Ed Hazen has been an entrepreneur most of his life. His career has taken him from solar energy technologist to, most recently, senior software engineer, where he was responsible for designing an encryption and security system for electronically distributed documents.

Ed is fastidious in his work - focusing on the consumer experience and how to best market to that consumer. His forthright approach helps guide his clients through the maze of technology.

His capabilities include an array of programming languages, graphics tools, and an understanding of computers and the Internet inside and out. He has an eye for graphic arts and photography – coupled with the technology background – to bring ideas to reality.

Sue Holbink has a background in art and photography, combined with professional experience as a Web designer and software test engineer and Registered Nurse. Her career ranges from emergency department nursing to large scale project management.

Writing content for small ads to large Web sites, hunting down the best photograph for your marketing material, or sketching up ideas for current projects, you can find Sue always connecting the dots to make sure everything delivers just the message you need.


Organizations we support, and with several, volunteer for:

  • Bellevue Botanical Garden
  • Fall City Community Association
  • Mountaineers
  • Mount Rainier National Park
  • Mountains to Sound Greenway
  • Nature Conservancy
  • Pilchuck Glass School
  • Sierra Club
  • Trust for Public Land
  • Washington National Park Foundation
  • Washington Trails Association