Reach for the sky with edsbits.com
Website design and development
Database Programming
Custom Software Development
A Fully Integrated Approach

We offer customized engineering solutions for all your business needs from simple to complex database driven applications to manage your business.

Online product catalogs offering:

  • one or more web site pages displaying product offerings
  • product search by keywords
  • product listings by one or more categories
  • integrated shopping cart with secure checkout area
  • admin area for business to manage products, including private data management and photo uploads

Data submittal and tracking:

  • users submit data via customized forms, either through web site or private login area
  • data is catagorized and stored
  • admin area for business to manage data
  • exports available for raw text, Excel and Quickbooks
  • formatted exports available for Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

Real-time credit card processing:

  • built customizable real-time credit card processing system
  • direct links to credit card and ACH processors
  • familiar with PCI compliance policies and procedures
  • set up and maintain linux servers

Business management systems:

  • complete end-to-end web-based business management systems
  • automated e-mail generation systems for customers (not spam)
  • automated scripts that perform business functions at predefined times